4WD All Terrain Robot

Components of a robot:
  • Raspberry Pi 3 or zero
  • Dual Motor Driver Carrier, 12A continuous output current (max 30A) per motor, voltage from 5.5 to 24V
  • 4x DC motors, 6V high-power, 280 RPM free-run, 90 oz-in
  • Step-Down Voltage Regulator (5V, 2.5A)
  • Bluetooth BTM-222 (range up to 100 m in the open ground)
  • GPS (position accuracy 2.5m CEP)
  • MinIMU-0 v2: Gyro (L3GD20), Accelerometer and Compass (LSM303DLHC)
  • Ultrasonic sensor HC-05
  • BME280 Atmospheric sensor
  • Lipo cell battery: 7.4V, 2200mAh
  • Lipol cell battery: 11.1, 2200mAh
  • SD card
Implemented features:
  • reading and writing measurement data on the SD card
  • faults detection and logging
  • overload protection
  • motors current consumption logging
  • GPS tracking
  • video streaming
  • measurements of physical quantities: 
    • temperature, 
    • humidity, 
    • pressure/altitude 
Robot parameters: 
  • External dimensions (LxWxH): 268x270x120 mm 
  • Total weight 1.7 kg 
  • Ground clearance: 40 mm 
If you are looking for cooperation in robotics or you would like to buy one of my robots please contact me via email: codersilver@gmail.com
Find out more about this project at link

all terrain 4WD mobile robot
4WD all terrain robot

GPS tracking:
4WD GPS Tracking

Motors current consumption logging (overload protection is set to 9A):

motors current measurements

motor current