6WD All Terrain Robot

This 6 wheel inspection robot has been specially designed to work in difficult terrain conditions. It is equipped with two high resolution cameras (WiFi and FPV) and dedicated application providing the following functionality:

  • preview and record the image in real time
  • snapshots
  • detecting moving objects
  • objects tracking
  • marking of protected zones
  • automatic sending of alarm notifications
In our applications, we use the cutting-edge image processing algorithms and our own solutions based on artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Formulation of the problem:
Currently a classic monitoring and protection system use of stationary cameras that monitor only the part of the area that should be protected. This disadvantage causes that the system is incomplete and provides only partial control over what is happening in the protected area. Additionally, the camera itself usually does not have the ability to monitor environmental parameters.

Solution to the problem:
The solution to the problem formulated above is a camera placed on a remotely controlled or autonomous vehicle. Such a vehicle can reach every corner of a protected area and give us a real-time preview if everything is okay. It can also send measurement data of physical quantities (e.g. gases, temperatures) to the base station. Furthermore, the transmitted image is processed to detect moving objects with specific features in the selected protected zone. If such objects appear then the system will send an emergency notification to the owner or security office.

Examples of applications:

  • protection of facilities and areas against the access of unauthorized persons
  • exploration and inspection of hard to reach places
    • tunnels and pipes
  • inspection of dangerous places for human life and health
    • chemically contaminated places
    • buildings threatening to collapse
  • transport and neutralization of dangerous objects (explosives, harmful and toxic chemicals)

Robot parameters:

  • External dimensions (LxWxH): 405x340x220 mm - robot prepared for transport
  • Total weight: 6.5 kg
  • Ground clearance: 45 mm
  • Control range and video preview: over 0.5 km (long range), upgrade possible up to 2 km
6WD mobile robot

6WD mobile robot