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All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition (2008-2011)

The concept of the Micromouse as a maze solving robot was firstly introduced by the IEEE Spectrum Magazine In 1977. The first World Micromouse Competition was held in Japan (Tsukuba) in 1985. Nowadays the biggest micromouse competitions so called “All Japan Micromouse Competition” are held in Japan in two categories. The first is “Classic Micromouse” where robots solve a 256 (16x16) cells maze. A single cell consists of 18x18 cm base and 5cm high walls (1,2 cm thick). The second category is “Half-size Micromouse” (introduced in 2009) where the maze has been expanded to 1024 (32x32) cells.

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Robomaticon 2012 Micromouse
Fig. 1. Robomaticon 2012, Warsaw (Poland).