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m3pi Simulator

This simulator has been specially designed for use with a "m3pi" robot. It allows us to work in two modes: autonomous and remote control.
     In autonomous mode, the measured and calculated values are sent by the robot to the computer, however, without the capability of the external control of the robot. During the robot operation the information about the current robot state is sent to the computer.
Additionally an important parameters i.a.: the angular velocity, the distance from the wall and positioning time are monitored. The useful features offered by this simulator is the ability to automatically save the above parameters to the file in case of their changes.
On the basis of this log file we can analysed parameters of the robot in time.
     In remote mode, we can control the movement of the robot using the graphical user interface. Robot movements are also drawn on the control panel, and we can track the approximate trajectory of robot motion.
In both operating modes it is possible to simulate an obstacle detection sensor faults.
Pressing the button assigned to the given sensor in graphical user interface enables or disables the sensor on the robot platform.

m3pi simulator

fault-tolerant wall follower

fault-tolerant wall follower

ICR mobile robot
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