A Brief History of Robot Sumo

Robotic sumo was invented in Japan in the late 1980s by Hiroshi Nozawa (Fuji Software Inc.) The first official tournament was held in 1990 at the Kokugikan sumo hall in Tokyo, with 147 robots. Today thousands of robots around the country compete over a four month long country wide tournament season.

Robot Sumo Competition

Robot Sumo is a competition between two robots based on one of Japan's most popular sports - "sumo" (Japanese wrestling). Similar to traditional sumo matches two competitors trying to push each other out of a sumo ring called a "dohyo". There are three bouts per match, and a robot must win two of them to win a whole match. The robot which first will be out of a dohyo is losing the bouts. Robot sumo is divided into classes. A standard class robot must fit inside a 20 cm square box (height isn't limited) and it's weight can't be greater than 3 kg. The robots must push their opponents out of 154 cm diameter dohyo within the 3 minutes time limit.