SPP AT Commands

BTM-222 SPP AT Commands
The default settings of the BTM-222 bluetooth module are as follows:
Baud rate: 19200, 8 data bits, none parity, 1 stop bit, PIN: 1234, module is set as a slave device, the module is discoverable by other bluetooth devices.
AT commands should be sent character by character (with a delay at least tens of ms). Please keep in mind that after each AT command you have to send character!.  
Checking the status of the module:
AT  - in reply we get "OK" if it is working properly
ATI1 - displays all the settings of the BTM-222 module
Command? - display the value stored in a memory (relating to the given command)
ATL? - display the current baud rate

ATN=BTM222 - sets the name of the module
ATN? - returns the name of the device

ATP=12345 - sets a new PIN to "12345"
ATP0 - turn off the PIN code authorization
ATP? - returns the current PIN number (default is "1234")

Baud rate of COM port:
ATL0 - 4800 bps
ATL1 - 9600 bps
ATL2 - 19200 bps (default)
ATL3 - 38400 bps
ATL4 - 57600 bps
ATL5 - 115200 bps
ATL6 - 320,4 Kbps
ATL7 - 460,8 Kbps
ATL? - return the current baud rate

ATE0 - turning off the echo
ATE1 - turning on the echo (default)