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Vision » mobilerobots.pl - all about mobile robots, sumo robots


Visual sense is one of the most important perceptorium at human being. Thanks to visual stimulus human is able to classify objects considering their shape and colour. Seeing is responsible for orientation in the environment and allow to determine objects positions relative to observer. This and many other advantages of visual sense are used in computer vision systems. In mobile robotics especially small on-board cameras are used (Fig. 1.)

Fig. 1. Example of cameras used in mobile robotics

The title of my Master's thesis was "Vision system for an autonomous mobile robot".
More details will be available soon!.   

Fig. 2. Vision system for mobile robot

A part of the software design was camera control panel shown in Fig. 3. This graphic interface gives possibility to adjust all camera parameters such as:
  • EC - Exposure Control
  • GC - Gain Control
  • WB - White Balance
  • Video output format (RGB, YUV, 8 or 16 bit data mode)
  • Image enhancement (saturation, contrast, brightness, sharpness)
Fig. 3. GUI for adjusting camera settings