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motion trajectory modeling for two-wheeled mobile robot

java application for the m3pi robot - brief description

Remote control of the m3pi robot

Java 2D collision detection between polygons for special cases

2D collision detection - AABBs tree - brief description

Fault-tolerant control for a micromouse

Micromouse (maze solving algorithms)  

Mobile robot simulator - wall following task

Robot performs autonomous navigation based on infrared sensors. Obstacle detection and avoidance algorithm was implemented. This simulator was written in Java and requires only a standard JDK (Java Development Kit  1.6.0 or higher). The main requirement that simulator has to satisfy is ability to do more than one thing at a time. It was fulfilled using java.util.concurrent packages which support concurrent programming. To reuse code the concept of class inheritance was applied to simulator design.

 Chosen simulator features:

  • single robot simulation
  • multi-sensors simulation
  • static and moving obstacles
  • robot path drawing
  • collision and obstacle detection

Mobile robot simulator - wall following task (previous version)

Motion modeling based on ICR
The first Euler’s theorem says that:

„ Any displacement of a flat figure in its plane may be effected by rotation around a point called the center of rotation "
(ICR, ICC) is the point on a body or imaginary extension of the body whose velocity  is zero at a particular instant (V=0)
At each instant the wehicle motion is a pure rotation around a point ICR


m3pi robot as a wall follower (robot uses only one obstacle detection sensor)

m3pi robot following the wall and avoiding obstacles