ANT is open access multicast wireless network operating in the 2.4 GHz
ANT network approach is based on "Nodes" that are able to act as slaves or masters. 
Each ANT channel consists of one or more transmitting nodes and one or more receiving nodes, depending on the network topology. Any node can transmit or receive, so the channels are bi-directional. 

Topologies point to pint, star point-to-point, star, tree, mesh
Max nodes in piconet 1 master and 7 slaves 65533 per shared channel (8 shared channels)
Max Range 10-100 meters 30 meters at 0 dBm
Max data rate
1 MBs 1 MBs
Application throughput 305 KBs 20 KBs
Security AES-128 64 bit key
Modulation GFSK GFSK