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Full versions:

AVR Atmega Pro Database
AVR Xmega Database
My free apps in Google play - test versions with limitations:
Arduino Controlled Robot
Omni wheel robot Dragon Robot
Roomb Control  
Smart Robotic Arm  
ARM STM32 Database
AVR Atmega Database
Details of projects:
4WD all terrain robot
RC-based security vehicle with measuring station
Smart Robotic Arm
Mecanum wheel robot - bluetooth controlled
Voice and Gesture Controlled Mecanum Wheel Robot
Inspector Roomba
Remote Controlled 6WD All Terrain Robot
4WD all terrain mobile robot
  RC car hack - bluetooth controlled via Android
Omni wheel mobile robot - IoT

Selected publications:
  • Srebro A., " Fault-tolerant algorithm for a mobile robot solving a maze", The Challenges of Modern Technology, 4.1(2013) : pp 21-29 - full text
  • Srebro A., " Motion trajectory modeling for two-wheeled mobile robot based on rotation around the instantaneous center of rotation (in Polish)", Modelowanie In┐ynierskie, 11.42(2011): pp 407-418  
  • Srebro A., "A self-tuning fuzzy PD controller for a wheeled mobile robot operating in the presence of faults", The Challenges of Modern Technology, 2.4(2011) : pp 11-20 - full text
  • Srebro A., "Java simulator for an autonomous mobile robot operating in the presence of sensor faults", The Challenges of Modern Technology, 1.1(2010) : pp 56-60 - full text

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Great robot simulator V-REP (Coppelia Robotics):
v-rep robot simulator

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